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Schola update!

As 2011 winds to a close, I think of all the things I meant to do (like keep this blog updated!) and all the things I resolve to do in 2012 (like keep this blog updated!).  I want to take time to share some wonderful Schola moments with you.   One day I had a few extra minutes and a camera, so I ran upstairs to check out out what was going on in rehearsal.  What I saw is truly a reminder of what a blessing Dennis is.  And what blessings the adult volunteers and assistants are.

In one room, Dennis was giving the younger choristers solfege lessons:

In another room, Nicci and Adrienne were teaching a new piece of music:

In yet another room, Madeleine was teaching advanced music theory and composition:

Such a great reminder that what audiences and worshipers in service see is only a thin slice of what it means to be a Scholar at Grace Episcopal Church!